The C+H Agency came about in 2016, after founders, Courtney Stapleton and Heather David began helping friends publicize their emerging products and services in an efficient, organic and purposeful way.

With Heather’s background in magazine writing and film marketing at Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures and Courtney’s in project management at Viacom, photography and art direction, the two friends quickly saw a new business venture come into focus.

Using their combined talents and contacts, they soon began securing new clients like the stylish lifestyle brand, SheerGear Handbags and five-star sleepover delivery company, WonderTent Parties.

Courtney builds a library of vibrant and engaging photos while Heather helps craft marketing materials like biographies and press releases. Working closely with their clients, learning their specific business goals, they help relaunch or reimagine a brand, devising strategy utilizing personal and professional relationships to form collaborations, tie-ins and press opportunities.